Portuguese Egg-Custard Tart

At supermarkets

This typical Portuguese pastry, found easily in Andalusia (southern Spain), is now available as “the Andalusian style;” in other words, made with OvoPlus. Thus,  it has -50% sugars and -30% fats less than a conventional Portuguese egg-custard tart, but with more protein and an even better flavour. Found in the frozen food section, the tarts have been flash frozen so that when you thaw them out, they are fresh and ready to eat. Take the tarts out of the freezer and allow them to thaw in the fridge overnight.

Certain supermarkets and pastry shops have them on exhibit. Ask them to show you that they are made with OvoPlus and enjoy a healthy tart.

Enjoy it!

At restaurants, hotels and organizations

Enjoy this sensational pasty with -50% sugars and -30% fats less, a healthier option without it hindering your digestion. The only way to guarantee this statement is that they certify that it is an OvoPlus product.