At supermarkets

Our excellent, tasty and healthy Spanish (potato) omelettes are for sale. They are the only omelette on the market using the original recipe (eggs, potatoes, with or without onions and olive oil). With a Nutriscore of A, it is a food that has not been ultra-processed. Soon, supermarkets will offer other types of omelettes, equally healthy as the original, and with its same wonderful flavour.

Just three and a half minutes in the microwave at 800W; allow it to rest two minutes and it is ready!

If you prefer, warm it up in a frying pan on medium heat for three minutes on each side, and dinner is served!

Enjoy it!

For restaurants, hotels and organizations

A plain omelette, with potatoes or other options are available for restaurants, hotels and institutions. Certain fast food companies are interested in this healthy product. That goes to show that it is made by OvoPlus. You’ll just love this healthy option!