ovoplus cares for your health

Our Philoophy

The philosophy behind OvoPlus is to provide consumers with a healthier food product thanks to technology that reduces both cholesterol and calories.


OvoPlus is a patented food, with 70% less cholesterol and 45% fewer calories, 100% egg without any type of preservative or additive that might be detrimental to the final result.

Made with fresh eggs from hens raised on farms complying with EU animal well-being criteria, they are fed exclusively with vegetable feed and treated as if they were our own family.   The result is an egg that that may be eaten every day and that helps make healthier meals, while at the same time facilitating the task.  

This is why we have moved forward to expand our line of egg-based products at the hand of the best qualitative producers in each segment.


For that very reason, “Como en casa” has become our partner to produce the healthiest and most flavourful omelette on the market. It has Nutriscore A and offers the same flavour as a homemade omelette because it uses high quality raw materials with no ultra-processing.


Likewise, we have partnered with “Doce do Marqués”—the best Portuguese egg-custard tart manufacturer in the world. This unique tart can now be made with -50% sugars and -30% fats so that even those with a sweet tooth get their worthy, guilt-free share.

Following along this same train of thought, we will soon offer custards, shortbreads, sauces and a wide range of references. We are currently selecting the best producers for these creations.

Welcome to the world of OvoPlus and enjoy a healthy meal.