What are the advantages?



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It won’t break like an egg shell!

Who hasn’t broken an egg on the way home? Reduce the risk with Ovoplus!

Easier to Store

Ovoplus allows for vertical storage. It doesn’t take up horizontal space in which nothing can be placed on top of it.

The environment

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Ovoplus is packaged in RPET

RPET is a recycled and recyclable plastic. Thanks to this, we contribute to lesser plastic in our oceans.

Avoid shell degradation

Despite the fact that egg shells are considered organic waste, they require an extraordinary process for decomposition. That is why Ovoplus producers use specific centers that are prepared for such degradation


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Ovoplus is Pasteurized

The pasteurization process reduces microorganisms that could be found in eggs, thus avoiding salmonella or listeriosis

Avoid Touching the Egg Shell

There is no need to remind you where an egg comes out. Egg shells are covered with microorganisms, which mean we need to wash our hands after touching them.


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70% Less Cholesterol

With 70% less cholesterol, Ovoplus allows you to eat eggs daily without it affecting your cholesterol. People with cholesterol problems can once again enjoy eating eggs.

45% Fewer Calories

Reducing calorie intake is benefitial for your health and Ovoplus offers 45% fewer calories than conventional eggs.


Ovoplus is natural egg. It contains no preservatives, artificial color or additives of any type. Thanks to this, consumers enjoy fresh eggs.

The cheapest protein

Eggs provide exceptional amounts of protein, with which it becomes the cheapest protein on the market. With Ovoplus, you can eat eggs every day of the week.

Easy to use

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Without Breaking an Egg

Have you ever thought about making an omelette without breaking an egg? It is all possible with Ovoplus; just open the top.

Beat in the Container

Shake the container vigoriously to beat up the eggs inside. No need to soil a plate or waste time beating eggs.


Time is money. With Ovoplus, you save time when preparing a meal, making an omelette, scrambled eggs, pies, etc.


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For Athletes

Stop eating tasteless egg whites and enjoy a fresh egg with Ovoplus to obtain the same benefits.

Ideal for Dieting

Eggs fill you up. Ovoplus may be eaten daily so it is the ideal complement for dieters.

Suitable for Everyone

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a healthy diet?

Always fresh

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No Endosmosis

Egg shells are porous, which allows access to external agents. This process increases over time.

No Oxidation

Ovoplus is a container that hinders all endosmosis; therefore, oxidation is impossible. At the same time, egg quality remains unaltered.

Always Fresh

Class A eggs are pasteurized the same day they are laid. Upon opening the container, you have a freshly laid egg.

Expiration Date

Thanks to its aseptic container, the expiration date of the product, without opening it, is 49 days. This maintains freshness at all times.

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Eat healthy #eathealthyplus


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